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Miles Eldredge

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[Artists & Fine Art Artisans, Oil painting]
In the delusion of paradise, we mistake our true refuge. Quite often, people appear in my paintings, surrounded by lush foliage, birds (as symbols of freedom), rays of light, and a vibrant paint abstraction. I use compositions with strong movement, and the people are always gazing downwards. Their eyes are averted into a dark melancholy, but if they would just look around, they would see the beauty that permeates everything. Yet for some reason, unwilling to know the answer, they are attached to their own plight, and they refuse to let it go.
These paintings reflect the danger of living in heaven. Delusion. One can tell a true paradise because its inhabitants usually have no idea that it is there.
My use of paint is a juxtaposition of rawness with refinement, the gross and the subtle. I use plants and trees that are native to Vancouver Island, sometimes combined with tropical species, to convey the exotic wonder of this rainforest, island paradise.
Segaki. Oil on Canvas. 22in x 15in. 2006
Brush Fire. oil on canvas. 24in x 38in. 2006
At Dawn No Light SHines. Oil on Canvas. 52in x 38in. 2006
Listen to the Answer. Oil on Canvas. 20in x 32in. 2007

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