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Tina Fyfe Studio

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[Artists & Fine Art Artisans, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Pottery, Sculpting | Galleries/ Exhibits/Shows, Public Art Gallery, Studio]
Octopus. 14 x 12 inches, hand-built ceramic sculpture, earthenware clay, stone, glaze and stain.
Coral and Nudibranch, ceramic sculpture. 7 x 8 inches, earthenware clay and glaze.
Tryptich, Hand-built ceramic. 42 x 12 inches, porcelain, earthenware, wire mesh, glaze and stain, marble.
Orchid. Ceramic sculpture. Hand-built, 10 inches, earthenware clay and porcelain with glaze.
Urchin and Nudibranch, ceramic sculpture. 7 inches round, earthenware clay and glaze.

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