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Virginia Hutzuliak

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"The Bridge Players" (from " Friends " series ) acrylic 24 in x 30 in

This is a new series entitled "Friends". It is a celebration of the things we do together. Having friends to share our joys and sorrows makes life worth living. This series is a tribute to those relationships.
" The Cyclists" (from "Friends" series) " acrylic 30 in x 24 in

Another in the "Friends" series. (See photo 1 for explanation of series)
" The Mah Jong Players" ( from the "Friends" series) acrylic 30 in x 24 in

See photo 1 for explanation of series.
'"Three Pears " acrylic 5 in x 7 in

Beginning of another series, these much more simplified.
" Gaia's Song"" acrylic 24 in x 36 in

This piece speaks about the energies of the earth, and from which all elements emanate: earth, air, fire, water. It is a dynamic expression of our earth in flux, always renewing herself.
It is an expression of gratitude for our place within this powerful crucible of life.

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