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Bev Anderson

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Bev Anderson creates textural abstracts with strong, stable geometric shapes. She enjoys working on her abstracts on particularly chilly wintery afternoons when inner exploration seems more intriguing than a snowy trip into the forest.
Bev Anderson loves to travel. She has visited from the far northern to the windy Oregon coastline and down into Mexico in search of exciting subjects to paint. This was a tundra expedition in northern Canada where a barrenland grizzly was a cautiously curious onlooker.
Bev Anderson often layers the images one over the other. There is an element of surprise and discovery as the viewer studies the most accessible image, not always realizing the other image exists until, after a few moments of study, the second image reveals itself.
Bev Anderson's love of nature is often depicted in her artwork. She makes regular treks into the forested mountains of British Columbia in search of the next great painting.
Bev Anderson's interest in the many cultures in the world is a natural extension of her interest and love of people. Here she has rendered a Mexican traditional dancer in fine detail using watercolour.

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