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Marco Bueler

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You bought my CD on which I have worked for over a year. My own songs speak from my life but could just be from yours. It was a big wish of mine once in life (perhaps even more than once) to produce a CD. The choice of songs was not easy. But I hope that you like the music and lyrics.

I thank you!

It is my sincere concern at this point to particularly thank the following people:

First, my dear MADLEN, listen for the 100 times of the songs, the support, the many hours of consideration and the coexistence of so many years! Without you I would not have achieved much, I love you!

To my daughters, Melanie (violin) and Manuel (accordion, piano) for the participation in this project and the ever-sentient, have been a good father.

My grandchildren Leanne, Michelle and Vanessa sing for the Zoga on Boga song and for the great purpose in life to her is for me. I love you!

All the studio musicians: Sabrina, Pat, Doug, Chris, Grant, Jim and Richard.

Special thanks to my producer Doug Perry for the motivation, support and patience he had with me. Thank You Doug!

Our thanks also to my sponsors and all those who have acted critically and building on me.


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7250 Texas Road, Lone Butte, V0K 1X1, British Columbia
1 250 593 4431   

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