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Designated as “rural community” by its unique acreage lot sizes for any home development, visitors are drawn to the local parks (Devonian, Witty’s Lagoon and Matheson Lake), the popular trails, scenic vistas, and laid back country side. Farmer markets, local artist studios, bird watching and beach combing are leisurely daily activities that many of the locals also enjoy.

Population: 4,857

Parks – Matheson Lake, Albert Head Lagoon, Sitting Lady Falls, Witty’s Lagoon, Devonian
Galloping Goose Trail
6 Great Golfing Courses
Pioneer and Metchosin Museums

Things To Bring:
When hiking or walking trails remain on the path to help preserve the rare and protect plant life in the area.

Be sure to pack sunglasses, an umbrella and a light sweater there is the chance that the weather turns either way at some point in the day.

The English translation for the town’s original name native “Smets-Schosen”, means place of stinking fish, which was derived from the legend that First Nations tribe members created to tell the story of the fate of an orca whale who ended up beached on the shores and unfortunately never made it out. Literally the surrounding area was named forever after Metchosin and its symbol is the orca to this day.

Summer average 18 degrees Celsius
Winter average 5 degrees Celsius


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