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Silastial Glass Ltd., Rick Silas

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I believe that it is the artist’s role to push the edges of what is considered art. For if not the artist, who ? I choose to use contemporary materials in my artwork as they best reflect today’s world. My canvasses became tempered plate glass and my palette became liquid polymers and automotive enamels. When I started experimenting in the late seventies, I had no idea of the scope of what I was developing. My intention was to create my own art form, and at this I have been quite successful, having sold many hundreds of pieces over the last twenty years. I have also had several television spots done on me including The Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet where I was filmed bending a piece of glass into a sculpture without heat. As well, I have had numerous published articles, local, national, and international, and many radio interviews

The techniques I developed for painting on glass are multi-dimensional in appearance and can be created on canvas or board, as well. My patented formula for bending glass without heat allows me to create large glass sculptures without the limitations faced when using heat. Most recently I have been concentrating on holding workshops to teach the many techniques I have developed. I have many visions yet to create which I hope I can accomplish in this lifetime.

I reside with my wife and daughter and have a studio in Sidney, British Columbia Canada.

Rick Silas
Artist / Inventor
Creator of Silastial™ Glass
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Title: Ocean Currents
Date: June 2009
Materials: Reclaimed tempered glass, enamels, resins and concrete
Dimensions: 25’ x 10’ x 6’

This sculpture was commissioned by the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre in Sidney B.C to be the main lobby piece. It was designed to reflect the kelp forests beneath the Salish Sea. The sculpture was made from 24 reclaimed tempered glass shower doors that came in from China with the hardware holes in the wrong place. This is a typical installation where I take a large mistake and up-cycle it in to my work. I worked closely with the director of the centre, Angus Matthews, and renowned Aquarium Designer, Jim Peterson to capture the imagery that they also envisioned for the sculpture. The installation was a team effort involving many parties.
Title: Discovery
Date: April 2007
Materials: Reclaimed tempered glass and resins.
Dimensions: 82” x 20” x 20”

This sculpture was created while being filmed for the Discovery Channel’s “Daily Planet” television show. I was contacted by them because they were intrigued with my patented process that allows me to bend glass without heat. It can still be viewed today on their broadband service under the title ‘Heatless Glass’.
Rick with Ice Glass Tabletop and Coldbent Glass Base - 2005
Custom work available. Please call Rick at (250)656-9370
Title: Shatters at Dockside
Date: June 2008
Materials: New and reclaimed tempered glass, UV glues & concrete
Dimensions: 30’ x 8’ x 6’

I was commissioned by VanCity Bank and Dockside Green Developments to create a sculpture that would fit the large scale of the location yet not hide the building behind. As well, the site is a designated LEED’s project and I needed to use imagery and green materials to reflect this. We achieved this by creating a glass cityscape with a “shaped shatter” forest laminated to it. This design represents bringing the forest back to the city. All of the laminated glass was reclaimed from a company that makes glass railings. The finished piece, depending on the time of day, appears and disappears.


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