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Northwest Coast Kwakiutl Carvings, Jackson Robertson

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Northwest Coast Kwakiutl Carvings

Distinct Representation

Mythological Beings




Master Carver, Jackson Robertson
has been carving yellow and red cedar for over 40 years.

His First Nation affiliation
is the Tsawataineuk First Nation from
Kingcome Inlet BC

Currently on the BC Artisan catalogue
and candidate for the BC Creative Achievement Award for First Nations Art
in the field of traditional and contemporary carving ....having successfully met the criteria and lifetime commitment to his Art /
having accumulated a body of work that has been sold worldwide,
many of which are bought and sold by
collectors, tourists and from galleries in Canada and the U.S.

Above photo- 5.5 Foot Thunderbird / Killer Whale / Wolf with carved copper eyes and abalone inlays
These wall panels are sold by commission and retail for $3,500.00 All orders are subject to additional shipping and handling charges. Please Contact for more Info.

Starting at 12x 6x1 " and up to 16 " my plaques are $100.00 up to $150
12x6x2 "up to 16" carvings are $150 up to $200 for paint and 4 abalones

Please inquire for pricing.

Your choice from list below.
1. bear
2. otter
3 eagle
4 owl
5 frog
6 wild woman
7 sasquatch
8 wolf
9 humming bird
10 whale Orca
11 whale grey
12 salmon tail up
13 heron
14 beaver
15 thunderbird
16. salmon
17. hawk
18. turtle
19. shark
20 mythological beings - sea wolf, sea bear, sea eagle, thunderbird, sisiutl, lighting snake and more !

Show your Love with Silver

Photo:20g Eagle pendant $150
20g double dorsal Killer Whale $150
20g Wolf $200
Please contact us and we will forward you more photos of silver jewellery available.

Photo: Killer Whale with Eagle fin 24 x 10 x 2 " $1000
Contact Us for Invoice & payment method
We accept Cash, Email Interac, Paypal, and Square M/C VISA ( in person)
photo : Raven with Cedar Bark headdress 20x 20 x 2

Distinct Representation

Mythological Beings


exquisitely carved on clear yellow cedar painted and stained red mahogany
Priced at $1300


Have something in mind that you haven't seen before?
WHOLESALE for bulk orders (20 +) available upon request

More photos to be seen at
Northwest Coast Kwakiutl Carvings FACEBOOK

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thank you for your interest and continued support!

Contact Northwest Coast Kwakiutl Carvings, Jackson Robertson

45 Pine St, Nanaimo , v9S 5T5, British Columbia
250 668 6355   

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TOP Photo - The Four Winds, Raven, Salmons Seals, Killer Whale, Soul Catcher, Octopus - honoring all the Sea Creatures, may be interpreted as the four directions from beginning of time with Raven who as the trickster is always heralding in challenges in ones destiny and we as the little octopus seem to always be fighting against the current and sometimes greater things in life whether it be health or circumstances beyond our control, things much bigger yet we persevere but for our many resources and talents we do thrive and become a fierce entity in our own right.

HOURS OPEN HOUSE - Monday to Friday 1 - 3 pm Saturday 10 - 2 pm Sunday closed.