British Columbia Travel Guide
The unofficial BC Travel & Tourism Guide
Anyone examining a map of B.C. will quickly realize that the province is defined by mountains. To the early explorers, the topography created many challenges; but as trails and dirt tracks were replaced by paved roads what was a hindrance to settlers, became an asset to motorcyclists. On a summer day anywhere in the province, the scenic roadways that connect the towns and hundreds of small communities put a smile on any biker’s face. Through twisting mountain passes with views of glaciated peaks; along gorges and lakes; through broad fertile valleys and across high plateaus; by hot, arid hills, pungent with the smell of sage brush and pine; through vineyards and seaside towns nestled in coves, rimmed by green water; in cool, dark forests, or along windswept seashores, the varied terrain and endless beauty of the province is rarely more appreciated than from the unobstructed view of a motorcycle. Stopping, taking time out underway to enjoy the tranquility of the scenic surroundings is just as important as tackling the steep, narrow and winding back-roads, which make biking in B.C so much fun.
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