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Mother Earth Reflections

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Mother Earth Reflections
660 Dogwood Street
Campbell River, v9w 5n5
British Columbia
Phone 250-830-7190
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Celtic Soapstone Carvings & Paintings

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General information: Mother Earth Reflections

The Sun, the bringer of Light, Heat and Fire, is one of the most crucial elements needed on Earth for life. Without the Sun, life would perish rapidly. It is therefore unsurprising that many human cultures have worshipped the Sun, and sometimes the Moon, in acknowledgement of their importance, their beauty and their magnificent powers.
Dragon, a legendary reptilian monster similar in form to a crocodile and usually represented as having wings, huge claws, and a fiery breath.

Contact Mother Earth Reflections

Mother Earth Reflections
660 Dogwood Street, Campbell River, v9w 5n5, British Columbia
Phone 250-830-7190   

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