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Samantha Dickie

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[Artists & Fine Art Artisans, Pottery]
'Urbanscape' 2014

Working with high fire porcelain, form and surface are informed by photographic details taken from across the globe. The work explores notions of urban and natural landscapes, through undulating organic architectural forms, implied textural details, and the creation of a visual narrative through the use of multiple components.
'Viveka' 2015

A multi component project exploring dualities of space verses form, isolation verses the collective, the seen verses the unseen, the viewed verses the viewer.
"The Living Road', detail. 21 pipes, approximately 24-30"ht. 2005

The installation consists of 107 components that are scattered on the floor, piled in a corner, suspended from the ceiling, and hung on a large horizontal span of wall. 'The Living Road' is an exploration of the relationship between organic topographies and discarded industrial forms that are being reclaimed back into the earth . The work was created with a grant from the Yukon Arts Fund and has been exhibited in Whitehorse YT, and Nanaimo BC.
'Elusive Containment'. 2006.

The exhibit is a body of 56 wheel-thrown and hand built, smoke fired sculptural forms that responded to a curatorial thesis of the body as a vessel; and more specifically my exploration of how the visible and the invisible converse within the vessel form. It was created with a project grant from the Canada Council, and exhibited in Whitehorse YT, Nanaimo BC, and Castlegar BC.
'Stand', detail. 10 towers. 3-7ft tall. 2004.

Each tower is carved, rust glazed and smoke fired. Anthropomophic in nature, the work is an exploration of birth and decay. This project was made with a grant from the Alberta Arts Fund, and exhibited in Dawson City YT; Edmonton AB; and Campbell River BC.

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