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The sky is brilliant blue against the magnificent snow-covered peaks that tower above. It is minus 10, but the hike up through the forest has made you so warm you are down to a thin base layer. Your destination for the night is above tree-line, and it will be very cold, but all you need to be comfortable – shelter, food, warmth – is on your back. At night, in the clearness of the winter sky, the stars and moon will reflect brilliantly against the blanket of snow.

For those that prefer all the comforts of home while still enjoying the wintertime outdoors, RV camping is a great choice. There are many RV campsites open year-round in British Columbia and many RV owners who have taken the time to winterize their RV’s. If your unit is not yet ideal for winter camping, talk to a RV specialist and discuss how you can make your home on wheels as suited to snow as it is to sun.

Whether you park your camper in one of the many RV parks in the province and enjoy the snow-covered trails, dig a snow cave, huddle in a tent, or settle into one of many wilderness huts in the British Columbia back country, time spent winter camping will create memories that last a lifetime. Winter camping can be an adventure, but there is perhaps nothing in the world that puts one closer to nature in the raw than camping in winter. The simplicity of the world, reduced to black and white, gives room for the mind to imagine and the soul to breathe.
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