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Art cards in Metchosin

Vicki Postl, Metchosin

Vicki Postl, Metchosin

Vicki Postl, original paintings in watercolour and acrylic


(Artists & Fine Art Artisans, Acrylic painting, Art cards, Flower art, Water colour painting)
Gretchen Markle, Metchosin

Gretchen Markle, Metchosin

Thrilled and challenged by the beauty of Vancouver Island, Gretchen works mainly on-site to paint vibrant landscapes in oils and oil pastel. She also creates more contemplative and abstract pieces in mixed media.

Victoria (Metchosin), V9C 3Z1, 5042B William Head Rd.
Ph. 250-478-7456

(Artists & Fine Art Artisans, Art cards, Drawing, Mixed Media, Oil painting, Pastel painting)
Elaine Morton, Metchosin

Elaine Morton, Metchosin

Watercolour paintings of Vancouver Island scenery. Detailed paintings of shells and beach treasures, local wildflowers. Bright watercolour and acrylic abstract paintings.

Victoria, V9C 4A9, 135 Cliff Drive
Ph. 250-478-4358

(Artists & Fine Art Artisans, Art cards, Water colour painting)

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